• 2013

    • May 2013

        Art as a ‘collectible & emotional’ asset draws global wealth mangers
        Book Review : ‘Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian Art: An Anthology’
      An artist greatly concerned by social and environmental degradation
      Tracing life and career of a veteran artist-philosopher
        Peeping into Sanjay Bhattacharya’s artistic realm
        Intricate works by talented artists that mesmerize art lovers
        A precursor to upcoming Art Basel fair in Hong Kong
    • April 2013

        Tribal artists can be a good addition to your portfolio
        Book Review : ‘Conceptual Revolutions in Twentieth-Century Art’
      Philosophy, processes and influences of India’s foremost artist
      A tribute to Ganesh Pyne
        An artist inspired by the real tactile world he inhabits
        Signs of an art market growing in maturity
        Major international shows that present contemporary Indian art
    • March 2013

        What’s driving the buzz about Indian art globally?
        Book Review : ‘Talking Prices’
      A triumvirate of talented artists
      A spotlight on this year’s Skoda Prize winner
        ‘ZegnArt’ artist for a prestigious public art project
        A spotlight on Sharjah Biennial 11
        Prominent contemporary Indian artists shine globally
    • February 2013

        World-renowned museums collect and host Indian art
        Book Review : ‘The Art Book: New Edition'
      Mapping Laxman Shreshtha's engaging art and life journey
      Spotlight on three sensitive female artists with unique oeuvre
        Padma Vibhushan for SH Raza
        Indian participation at The 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art
        A solo of drawings by Aji V.N., ‘Paper Like Skin’ by Zarina and Bharti Kher’s new sculpture series
    • January 2013

        Asian art attains an international presence from a regional identity
        Book Review : ‘A comprehensive analysis of contemporary Indian art’
      Fascinating oeuvre of a talented painter-printmaker
      What inspires and influences Barun chowdhury’s art?
        Core artistic concerns of an unconventional practitioner
        Recap of international shows of contemporary Indian art in 2012
        ‘Circa’, ‘Bordel Monstre’, ‘Fact/Fission’, and ‘Contemporary Renaissance’
  • 2012

    • December 2012

        Confidence Indicator of Modern & Contemporary Indian art market surges
        Book Review : ‘Seeing Power: Art and Activism in the Age of Cultural Production’
      A glimpse of new-generation artists keen to unfold a larger vision
      An artist who stands out for an exceptional mode of conveying his concerns
        India’s most dynamic painters, sculptors, and installation artists
        An eclectic event modeled on the Venice Biennale
        A round-up of international exhibits by prominent Indian artists
    • November 2012

        Artprice Contemporary Art Market report analyzes key events and trends
        Book Review : ‘Pop Art’ by Bradford Collins
      A 'global' artist laced with fascinating folk and rustic rural touch
      An enchanting interplay of sensuous exuberance, desire and decay
        A spotlight on upcoming and talented Indian artists
        A precursor to The Skoda Prize
        Prominent international shows of contemporary Indian art
    • October 2012

        Vibrant Indian art becoming a significant global phenomenon
        Book Review : ‘Fine Art and High Finance’
      Talented female artists from India to look forward to!
      An artist keen to carry forward his father’s rich artistic legacy
        A multi-faceted painter, sculptor, and installation artist
        Mumbai and other themes at The 9th Shanghai Biennale 2012
        International shows of works by contemporary Indian practitioners
    • September 2012

        Cues for art market and artists to watch out for
        Book Review : ‘A Credit Suisse report on art and investing’
      Peeping into Heeral Trivedi’s artistic realm
      Urban predicament and agony drive Yusuf Arakkal’s art
        Vivacious artistic vistas of Venkat Bothsa
        China and India dominate art world headlines
        International shows that underline distinct facets of Indian contemporary art
    • August 2012

        ‘Now is a perfect time to get into contemporary Indian art.’
        Book Review : ‘True Colors’: The Real Life of the Art World’
      How the two top artists of India share life and art together?
      Treating each other as trustworthy viewers, patrons and staunch critics
        What makes one of India’s top creative couples so successful?
        A wrap-up of Indian and international art market scene
        ‘2012: A Further Global Encounter’, ‘Approaching Abstraction’ and ‘Alone | Together’
    • July 2012

        Recap of DOCUMENTA (13) and Indian participation
        Book Review : ‘Word, Image, Text: Studies in Literary and Visual Culture’
      Motivations and inspirations of a doyen of his era
      Portrayal of a passionate performance artist
        A Ramachandran’s astounding artistic realm
        Creating and viewing art goes public
        ‘Indian Highway VI’ makes way into the city of Beijing
    • June 2012

        How is the road ahead for Indian art market?
        Book Review : ‘Starting Your Career as an Artist’ by Angie Wojak and Stacy Miller'
      Inspirations and aspirations of the world’s top art collectors - II
      The modern Indian sculpture’s founding father
        A sensitive artist who deals with history & tradition, pain & social tensions
        A skilled visual narrator, storyteller and a chronicler of contemporary times
        A quick look at major Indian art exhibits and events
    • May 2012

        A new hub for global art market in the making
        Book Review : ‘Artist, Undone’ by V. Sanjay Kumar’
      Analyzing the philosophy and processes of a painterly genius
      A sensitive artist who deals with history & tradition, pain & social tensions
        Delving deeper into the inner recesses of self and society
        Aspirations and motivations of the world’s most powerful art collectors - I
        Works that delve into key concerns of our times
    • April 2012

        Buying art can be an enriching and exciting experience
        Book Review : ‘Barefoot Across The Nation - Husain & The Idea of India’
      A doyen of the modern Indian art phenomenon
      An artist who challenges and explores the limits of perception
        Analyzing Sheela Gowda’s art and practice
        The 2012 Kochi International Biennale
        Indian art shows in Israel, Dubai and New York
    • March 2012

        Ten tips to build a timeless art portfolio
        Book Review : ‘Indian Painting: The lesser-known traditions’
      ‘To me, art is a constant quest to answer self-posed queries.’
      A peep into Prasad Raghvan’s ‘Post-Poster Art’
        Fathoming the core of Sunil Pawal’s thought processes and practice
        Celebrating India’s glorious art traditions
        An Emirate Filling Up With Artwork
    • February 2012

        Indian art market has immense potential to grow
        Book Review : ‘Rethinking Curating: Art after New Media’
      Mapping a multi-faceted master’s illustrious career
      A veteran artist influenced by rich traditions and contemporary concerns
        Peeping into a world-renowned sculptor’s unconventional universe
        A mélange of classic and contemporary, modern and traditional forms
        Contemporary Indian art – By Art
    • January 2012

        Mapping post-Independence India’s Modern Art evolution
        Book Review : Is there any link between top art prices and classic economics?
      A peep into artist B. Prabha’s oeuvre and her inspirations
      A staunch feminist who touches upon social schisms
        Socially oriented agenda of a young and talented artist
        Vivacious and vibrant video art draws collectors’ attention
        Celebrating glorious past and promising future of Indian art
  • 2011

    • December 2011

        Growth trajectory of Indian art intact despite adverse economic conditions
        Book Review : ‘A Kind of Archeology’: Folk objects as collectible art
      A recap of international shows of Indian art in 2011
      The shining stars of Indian art on the global landscape
        Art and agenda of some of the most promising artists from India
        A quick recap of noteworthy female artists from Ind
        Events that signify and amplify the link between tradition and modernity in Indian art
    • November 2011

        The new hubs of art collecting- India and China - look to build bridges
        Book Review : Documenting and debating visual culture & Modern Art in India
        An artist who traces tender hues of human relationships and the beauty of life around
        A glance at the Škoda Art Prize nominees
        A sensitive practitioner who deals with gender, violence, ecology and other social issues
        Who are the art world's most influential players?
        Prominent displays of contemporary Indian art and artists
    • October 2011

        A perfect time to acquire quality works of art
        Book Review : The worlds of art and literature intermingle
        An artist who links his practice to the immediate socio-political milieu
        Understanding artistic influences and inspirations of the Progressives
        The work and life of a legendary female artist from India
        An icon of peace and non-violence inspires creative minds
        A quick glance at major shows of Indian art
    • September 2011

        The connection between the world of art and business
        Book Review : Leading galleries venture into art publishing
        An artist who links his practice to the immediate socio-political milieu
        Understanding artistic influences and inspirations of the Progressives
        Factors that make art investment more rewarding and fulfliing
        Significant shows and events revolving around Indian art
    • August 2011

        Blending photography techniques, painterly vision and realism
        Book Review : ‘I Sold Andy Warhol (Too Soon)’ by Richard Polsky
        Exploring the self, gender, sexuality and fundamental human concerns
        Tracing the fragile edges of a woman’s world
        Keeping the proud legacy of his celebrated father alive
        A passionate collector’s priceless treasure
        Significant showcases revolving around Indian art
    • July 2011

        Fine tuning the art of investing in art
        Book Review : Tuning to ‘voices of change’ in Indian art
      Catching a glimpse of artist Himmat Shah’s life and art
      Capturing the nuances of artist Nilima Sheikh’s practice
        Paying homage to Husain
        Factors prompting India’s artistic emergence
        Talented contemporary female artists from India in focus
    • June 2011

        Simplifying the intricacies of buying art - I
        Book Review : TEFAF report on the global art markets
      Encapsulating Manu Parekh’s life and art
      Analyzing Rameshwar Broota’s core concerns as an artist
        A quick glance at Dayanita Singh’s oeuvre exuding poetic and expressive qualities
        A quick glance at la Biennale di Venezia
        A melange of works in diverse mediums, forms and styles with powerful themes
    • May 2011

        The art revolution of India, a rising phenomenon
        Book Review : ‘Seven Days in the Art World’ by Sarah Thornton
      Grasping nuances of a sensitive artist’s philosophy and practice
      Veteran artist Badri Narayan’s creative quest
        Zarina Hashmi’s personal journey across continents and civilizations
        Joys and challenges of a wonderful medium
        The India Pavilion at Venice
    • April 2011

        Interest in quality works revives as art market stages a smart recovery
        Book Review : ‘Art of the Deal’ by Noah Horowitz
      Deciphering Prajjwal Choudhury’s art practice
        Capturing the crux of a living legend’s creative energy and philosophy
        An artist who explores boundaries between personal and cosmic dimensions
        Tweaked duty structure brings cheer to the art fraternity
        Indian ethos in a global context drives new art themes
    • March 2011

        Significant shows by modern & contemporary Indian artists
        Book Review : ‘The Making of Modern Indian Art: The Progressives’
        A spotlight on Ram Singh Urveti and Jangarh Singh Shyam
        Alok Bal’s socially sensitive works
        A sensitive artist highlights his concerns over the culture of excesses
        Spreading art appreciation and viewing culture, The KNMA way
        Will the Internet substitute real world art sales?
    • Febuary 2011

        Touching upon the tribal instincts
        Book Review : ‘An Object of Beauty’ by Steve Martin
        Unraveling the mystique of artist Sakti Burman’s painterly realm
        A spotlight on ‘Padma Bhushan’ Krishen Khanna
        A spotlight on Mithu Sen: The 2010- 11 Skoda Prize winner
        Emphasizing a strong Asian identity among the global audiences
        A series of significant shows – in India and abroad;
    • January 2011

        Recapping the auction scene in India and globally
        Book Review : Why is the art market rising? : An expert’s take
        Peeping into Angeli Sowani’s thought processes
        Mysterious and ethereal paintings of a master artist
        Understanding Arpita Singh’s narrative, perspective and practice
        The Indian art market: Present and the future
        The Shanghai Biennale and the Indian flavor
  • 2010

    • December 2010

        A recap of contemporary Indian art shows: Flashback 2010
        Book Review : ‘How to Buy and Sell Art’ by Michael Reid
        A spotlight on the world’s most significant, India-born contemporary artist
        An artist who constantly reflects on the contemporary realities
        Jayasri Burman’s enchanting oeuvre
        A confluence of renowned and talented artists from the Indian subcontinent
        Monumental Indian miniatures from the James Ivory collection
    • November 2010

        The inside track on how to collect works of contemporary art
        Book Review : Books that trace three contemporary Indian artists’ life journey
        Fathoming T.M. Azis’s fascinating artistic realm
        One of India’s most distinguished contemporary artists back in spotlight
        A conceptual artist driven by socio-political and basic human concerns
        A series of international solo and group shows involving top Indian artists
        Secrets of becoming a successful collector
    • October 2010

        Traversing ‘Indian Highway’ and ‘Indian (Sub)Way’
        Book Review : The Primacy of Drawing: Histories and Theories of Practice
        Akbar Padamsee's enriching artistic journey
        A peep into K Laxma Goud’s oeuvre
        Pooja Iranna’s art explores architectural spaces and complex human psyche
        Prominent Indian artists feature in major international shows
        ‘Face-off’ by Anju Dodiya, her first ever show in France
    • September 2010

        A comprehensive study on creation of a market for Indian art
        Book Review : Peeping into a reclusive collector’s mind
        Deciphering Ram Kumar’s amazing oeuvre
        Fathoming Raqib Shaw’s artistic realm that recreates myth and fantasy
        Like father like son: Keeping a great artistic legacy intact
        International exhibits that exude the new Indian spirit and visual trajectory
        Art market recaptures its pre-recession momentum
    • August 2010

        India’s top art collectors: The concluding part
        Book Review : ‘New Delhi New Wave’: Exponents of new art trends
        Deciphering Jehangir Sabavala’s life and work
        Four photo-artists on a ‘Docu Tour’
        Two leading female artists of different generations in limelight
        ‘Perpetual Paradox’ by Rashid Rana at Musée Guimet
        Rich Indian art and cultural traditions occupy global stage
    • July 2010

        A spotlight on India’s top collectors - II
        Book Review : Skate’s Art Investment Handbook
        An artist who documents historical reality in contemporary context
        Dwelling upon schism between dreams and reality
        An artist who explores the overlapping biological & technological realms
        Successful auctions reconfirm global potential of Indian art
        Highlights of Art Basel 2010 and the Indian participation
    • June 2010

        Leading collectors of modern & contemporary Indian art - I
        Book Review : ‘A debate on ‘priceless’ art in context of today’s rocky times’
        India's leading expressionist artist Chittrovanu Mazumdar
        Parvathi Nayar’s art with a social agenda
        Encapsulating Rekha Rodwittiya’s life and practice
        TV Santhosh’s 'Burning Flags' and Ebenezer’s ‘Holy Smoke’
        ‘In Transition: New Art from India’
    • May 2010

        Prestigious museums worldwide collect and display Indian art
        Book Review : ‘Amrita Sher-Gil: A self-portrait in letters & writings’
        Baiju Parthan's awe-inspiring practice traverses multi-faceted realms
        Arranging objects to provoke spontaneous auguries
        A dynanic Indian artist who strives to archive the times
        Artist-curator Bose Krishnamachari pursues his grand vision
        'Splitting the Other’: Nalini Malani retrospective in Lausanne
    • April 2010

        The art market emerges from shadows of the recession
        Book Review : ‘Question’ a maverick collector-copywriter
        Paresh Maity’s passionate painted realm
        Atul Dodiya’s artistic aspirations, sensibilities and inspirations
        Mapping S.H. Raza’s brilliant life and career
        Schandra Singh's new obliquely satirical paintings
        Significant international shows of contemporary Indian art
    • March 2010

        The skill and art of choosing artworks
        Book Review : ‘Art of Looking Sideways’: A treatise on visual thinking
        Anju Dodiya’s passionate play on the self- portrait
        Tracing the career graph of a celebrated Modernist
        Navjot Altaf ‘s socially and politically loaded work
        A solo show of works by Probir Gupta
        ‘Astronomy of the Subway’ by Jitish Kallat at Haunch of Venision
    • February 2010

        ‘The Empire Strikes Back: Indian Art Today’ at Saatchi Gallery, London
        Book Review : ‘Art and Money’ studies the relationship between equity markets and art
        Rajan Krishnan’s landscape as a memorial passage
        Prashant Panjiar’s reflective lens captures social realities
        Prajakta Potnis probes the interior and exterior spaces
        Peabody Essex Museum celebrates Indian art
        Contemporary Indian photography shines on international stage
    • January 2010

        Flashback 2009: Indian art shines across the globe
        Book Review : A new study on Confidence Indicators of Indian art and artists
        Anjolie Ela Menon’s enriching art journey
        Yashwant Deshmukh’s exploration of form and the space beyond
        Artists of the year: A modern master and contemporary
        RPG Academy’s steadfast commitment to promoting contemporary art
        Bose Krishnamachari’s monumental archival project revisited
  • 2009

    • December 2009

        ‘Bharat Ratna’: Jewels of modern Indian art.
        Book Review : Relational aesthetics' by Nicholas Bourriaud
        Sudhir Patwardhan's socially relevant art
        Neeraj Goswami’s artistic realm
        Bharti Kher’s bewildering body of work
        The Silhouette Returns’ by Chitra Ganesh
        Master artists ‘in search of the vernacular
    • November 2009

        A look at artistic efforts to interpret Mahatma Gandhi’s life and work.
        Book Review : Manual of Contemporary Art Style’ by Pablo Helguera
        Jogen Chowdhury’s art expresses collective consciousness and the Self
        Chittrovanu Mazumdar’s captivating creations
        Simrin Mehra-Agarwal’s surreal phantasmagoria
        George Martin raises his ‘Objective Voice’
        NS Harsha goes ‘Picking through the Rubble’ in London
    • October 2009

        A celebration of contemporary Indian art and its rising global stature.
        Book Review : ‘Art and Visual Culture in India - 1857-2007’
        Maqbool Fida Husain lives life in full zest at 94
        A spotlight on the triumvirate of talented Indian artists.
        Subodh Gupta, the ‘Sub-continental Marcel Duchamp’
        Mapping the growth trajectory of Indian art.
        International media turns the spotlight on Indian art.
    • September 2009

        ‘The Action of Nowhere’ by Jagannath Panda
        Book Review : ‘Everything You Wanted to Know about Investing in Difficult Times’
        Navin Thomas’s enchanting creative journey
        Tracing Fariba Alam’s artistic evolution
        Manisha Parekh's magnificent creations
        ‘Under The Surface’: Three Indian artists show in Vienna
        Paris based Yvon Lambert hosts Shilpa Gupta
    • August 2009

        ‘India Xianzhai’: The best of contemporary art showcased in Shanghai
        Book Review : ‘Faking It’: Amrita Chowdhury’s art thriller
        City as his site and source provides Justin Ponmany with inspiration
        Phaneendra Nath Chaturvedi traverses the thin line between fantasy and reality
        An artist with immense talent and a rich legacy
        An eclectic mix of remarkable works
        Deciphering the process of self-location in displacement
    • July 2009

        Reena Saini-Kallat ‘drift’s in Italy
        Book Review : ‘Elite Collectors of Modern and Contemporary Indian Art’
        Ved Gupta’s vibrant vocabulary
        Viraj Naik’s vivacious hybridized realm
        Bari Kumar’s creations reflect his bicultural experiences
        Indian representation at the Venice Biennale
        Mithu Sen’s ‘Dropping Gold…’ in Zurich
    • June 2009

        A show of contemporary Indian art in Norway
        Book Review : ‘The Coming of Photography in India’ by Christopher Pinney
        Dhruvi Acharya’s psychologically and visually layered paintings
        Passionate performance art of Pushpamala N
        Anant Joshi analyzes fast changing urban culture
        Harsh Goenka determined to revive NGMA, Mumbai
        Ranbir Kaleka’s ‘Reading Man’
    • May 2009

        A global passage to Indian art
        Book Review : ‘Black: The History of a Color’
        Sunil Gawde’s contemplative creations
        Creating a paradox on canvas
        Anu Agarwal, an artist who looks to explore power of the visual
        Shilpa Gupta’s first solo show in Italy
        ‘Re-Imagining Asia’ show
    • April 2009

        The art market emerges from shadows of the recession
        Book Review : ‘Question’ a maverick collector-copywriter
        Paresh Maity’s passionate painted realm
        Atul Dodiya’s artistic aspirations, sensibilities and inspirations
        Mapping S.H. Raza’s brilliant life and career
        Schandra Singh's new obliquely satirical paintings
        Significant international shows of contemporary Indian art
    • March 2009

        TV Santhosh explores themes of terrorism, war and injustice
        Book Review : ‘What Good are the Arts?’ by John Carey'
        Shahabuddin’s amazing amalgamation of life and art skills
        Sonia is a perfectionist whose works are very well-executed
        Ram Bali Chauhan’s ‘Voice of Violence’ denounces terror tactics
        An ambitious, elaborate exhibition of Indian art in Japan
        A panoramic view of Indian art at ARCO Madrid 2009
    • February 2009

        A mélange of styles and themes
        Book Review : Understanding International Art Markets and Management’ by Iain Robertson
        Delving into Sudarshan Shetty’s artistic vision
        Vibha Galhotra’s images inspired by the metropolitan life and landscape
        Rajesh Ram’s art unravels stark realities of life
        Indian artists featured at London Art Fair
        Which are the biggest international art fairs?
    • January 2009

        Deciphering Ravinder Reddy’s striking heads and fabulous figurative sculptures
        Book Review : Seven Days in the Art World’ by Sarah Thornton
        Understanding Sheba Chhachhi’s visual and intellectual realm
        Probir Gupta’s artistic concerns come to the fore at a solo in London’s Alexia Goethe
        Jitish Kallat’s ‘Public Notice-2’ in spotlight
        Indian art on a global Highway
        The global financial turmoil and state of the art market