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Based on the latest figures available, the Indian art market is thought to be worth anywhere between Rs 1000-1200 crore* with paintings comprising 99% of the art market. A significant achievementconsidering the Indian art market was worth only approx. Rs 50crore a decade ago. Over the years the Indian art market has grown substantially achieving its peak in 2007 with a market size of Rs 2,000 crore*. More
Top 3 Indian Paintings
F N Souza
Rs 26,90,80,686
Rs 23,70,25,000
  Tyeb Mehta
Rs 19,78,25,000
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Indian Art Scenario
  Tushar Sethi  
  The Indian art market in 2014 has been stabilizing itself from its 2009 downturn. Auction houses like Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Bonham’s, dealing with Indian art have all recorded higher turnovers in 2014 as compared to last year. Improvement was not only seen in aggregate sales but individual Read more  
Market Analyst
  Fine art- A ‘Fine’ asset class

Siddanth Shetty
  In recent years much of the returns gained by high net worth individuals have been due to the strategic diversification of their investments into a broad range of asset classes.Most recently, this trend has extended to investing in art,. More  
International Art Perspective
  International Art
Perspective by

Michael Frahm
  People often ask me: "in case the whole financial system fails and governments go bankrupt, then what will happen to the art market?". Simply put, I think most markets and industries will be in for a rough ride should that scenario play out More  
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A Dealers Perspective
  Herd Mentality

Bijay Anand
  We Indians suffer from a very India specific disease called “Herd Mentality” We see a large crowd moving in a particular direction and without knowing the destination or purpose of that movement we jump right into it and blindly allow ourselves to be part of a crowd More  
A Gallerist Perspective
  Where Now by

Peter Osborne
  Observing the progress of the Indian art market from the outside one sees many parallels with other relatively new markets in recent memory. Often there is a surge of interest generated by rapidly rising levels of personal and corporate wealth, followed by irrational, ill-informed speculation, More  
A Curator's Perspective
  The Emerging Artist by

Kanchi Mehta
  Every established artist, whether Modern or contemporary, has been an emerging artist at some point, until they have been selected by galleries and institutions, who then dedicate their time to carry them into prominence.More  
A Collectors Perspective
  Abhishek Poddar
In Photography
  Amongst so many galleries around today, we needed to be clear about how we define and differentiate ourselves. Tasveer's relationship to photography is perhaps different from the other organisations that are Involved with art and photography that exist in India. More  
A Collectors Perspective

Manoj Israni
  The month of September saw a great deal of activity both in India as well as in other countries for promotion of Indian Art, as well as the launch of the iPhone 5. Our 2 favorite International Auction houses kick started the market with Christies hosting its South Asian Modern & Contemporary Art. More  
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Indian Art Scenario
  Harsh Goenka  
  Indian art market is now stable and somewhat rational and even competes with other forms of financial investment options for investors. There is good quality and there are discerning buyers. Indian market will keep growing as more and more people turn to art either to collect or to invest. It is a promising place to be in.

Harsh Goenka.
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