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Cover Story   The Indian art showcase at Art Dubai 2009

Galleries from all over the world including India assembled for the third edition of the art festival, to present some stunning works. More

A GEM of a show of Indian Contemporary art
A Dutch museum show of works by three leading artists provides a glimpse of the vibrant contemporary Indian art scene. More
  Book Review  
‘Lives of the Artists’ by Calvin Tomkins
This compendium of articles serves as an informative and entertaining initiation into the mysteries of contemporary art through portrayals of ten major artists. More
  Artist Profile   Painter Jagannath Mohapatra’s visual realm
The sensitive and socially conscious painter creates thought-provoking works that act like a mirror, and make the viewers confront the realities of life. More
  Artist Profile   Jignasa Doshi’s creations carry a touch and feel of reality
The artist invariably focuses on glamour world as a microcosm of discrepancies that are fed by skewed and shallow concepts of packaging in today’s world. More
  Artist Profile   Dhananjay Singh’s dazzling sculptures
The most striking aspect of his three-dimensional work is the harmony of material and technique, form and content. More
New solo by artist Manish Pushkale
  Art Feed  
  His works merge the organic with the spiritual, to express a personal engagement with the immaterial. They are presences, surfaces reflecting the ideas and desires projected upon them.
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