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Cover Story   The art market emerges from shadows of the recession

The buyers are back, and auctions have started doing well, as the demand for quality works goes up. More

Schandra Singh's new obliquely satirical paintings
A new solo show explores this talented artist’s progression from her earlier works to the latest fantastically depicted oblige tourists. More
  Book Review  
‘Question’ a maverick collector-copywriter
It’s a must read for those who want to know more about Charles Saatchi’s thought processes. More
  Artist Profile   Paresh Maity’s passionate painted realm
The artist’s vivacious visual voyage has been as much about self-discovery as about skillful storytelling. More
  Artist Profile   Atul Dodiya’s artistic aspirations, sensibilities and inspirations
His oeuvre comprises a stirring swirl of subjects like violence, fundamentalism and almost everything drawn from the everyday India. More
  Artist Profile   Mapping S.H. Raza’s brilliant life and career
The veteran artist’s serene symbols like the pancha tatva (five elements of Nature) and Bindu are essentially derived from an Indian ethos. More
Significant international shows of contemporary Indian art
  Art Feed  
  ‘Bring me a Lion’, ‘A Wild Gander’ and ‘Have I Ever Opposed You?’ in St.Louis, Brooklyn and Geneva explore key discourses of Indian culture and identity.
Who is the number one Indian Artist?

  F.N. Souza

   S. H. Raza

   M.F. Husain

   Tyeb Mehta 

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