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Cover Story   Interest in quality works revives as art market stages a smart recovery

A whole new generation of investors who value the ‘experience economy’, are turning to passion investing, looking to add ‘emotional assets’ like art to their portfolio, driving the markets. More

Tweaked duty structure brings cheer to the art fraternity
Exempting works of art & antiquities from customs duties for exhibition or display, in private art galleries or similar premises open to the general public, the Union Budget provides a major push. More
  Book Review  
‘Art of the Deal’ by Noah Horowitz
This practical account of the global art market and the way it functions, also demystifies the process of collecting and investing against the backdrop of evolving art forms. More
  Artist Profile   Deciphering Prajjwal Choudhury’s art practice
The unconventional medium that the artist has chosen to convey his concerns underlines his tendency to defy set notions and further push boundaries of the viewer experience. More
  Artist Profile   Capturing the crux of a living legend’s creative energy and philosophy
Age and subject are no hindrance to Satish Gujral’s artistic sojourn. The core of his creativity lies in acute observations coupled with his sensitivity and a spirit to innovate. More
  Artist Profile   An artist who explores boundaries between personal and cosmic dimensions
Alwar Balasubramaniam keeps challenging our notions; also pushing our pre-set limits of understanding and perception of material as well as experience of space. More
Indian ethos in a global context drives new art themes
  Art Feed  
  A quick glance at important solo and group shows that focus on practice of contemporary artists whose universal concerns are rooted to their people and values.
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