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Cover Story   Buying art can be an enriching and exciting experience

The process of orientation and knowledge gathering is vital to building an aware investor-collector class who understands how to view and appreciate works so as to grasp their intrinsic aesthetic and thematic values. More

The 2012 Kochi International Biennale
India's thriving art scene is all set to witness an ambitious event of global scale, emulating those in Berlin, Liverpool, Venice and other prestigious venues, albeit enmeshed in local traditions and ethos. More
  Book Review  
Barefoot Across The Nation - Husain & The Idea of India
A series of essays by renowned scholars offers multi-disciplinary perspectives that not only locate and identify but also try to traverse controversies surrounding the master’s oeuvre for a rigorous and critical evaluation. More
  Artist Profile   A doyen of the modern Indian art phenomenon
The Modern master opted to break away from the then academic traditions, to set his own stylistic and thematic agenda even while staying true to the core values and life around that shaped him as a person and as an artist More
  Artist Profile   An artist who challenges and explores the limits of perception
Often very tactile, at times very physical, Alwar Balasubramaniam’s practice symbolizes an intense exploration of questions like what really defines the self and what confines us… More
  Artist Profile   Analyzing Sheela Gowda’s art and practice
A nominee for the Artes Mundi award, her intriguing sculptural installations refer to contemporary concerns and dwell into psychic or societal makeup through both unconventional and common materials. More
Indian art shows in Israel, Dubai and New York
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  The complexities of contemporary society act as the focal point for several contemporary Indian artists, a concern which amply mirrors in their dynamic and diverse body of works on view.
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