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Cover Story   India’s top art collectors: The concluding part

The final essay in this exclusive series peeps into some more exquisite collections that encapsulate India’s myriad creative expressions. More

‘Perpetual Paradox’ by Rashid Rana at Musée Guimet
Art lovers in France discover the iconic artist’s remarkable talent with some of his most exciting works on display at the renowned museum. More
  Book Review  
‘New Delhi New Wave’: Exponents of new art trends
The document explores a new era of art in India by focusing on 14 established contemporary artists, their idiom and the subject matter. More
  Artist Profile   Deciphering Jehangir Sabavala’s life and work
The veteran artist’s illustrious career spanning over six decades has witnessed many milestones and memorable moments. More
  Artist Profile   Four photo-artists on a ‘Docu Tour’
Gauri Gill, Shankar Natarajan, Anup Mathew Thomas, and Vivek Vilasini are on a collective creative journey courtesy Bose Krishnamachari‘s new curatorial venture. More
  Artist Profile   Two leading female artists of different generations in limelight
If her new price benchmark has brought Bharti Kher into spotlight, Anjolie Ela Menon is in news for an exhibition and a book on her artistic journey. More
Rich Indian art and cultural traditions occupy global stage
  Art Feed  
  Several world-famous institutions are giving a place of pride to India’s amazing artistic heritage, reflecting its vibrancy and diversity.
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