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Cover Story   Blending photography techniques, painterly vision and realism

Several contemporary Indian artists relocate photographic references on canvas, impart a new dimension to them and explore socio-political concerns as well as personal identity. More

A passionate collector’s priceless treasure
The late art collector Jehangir Nicholson had always had a desire to share his collection with the common people for them to soak in its glory and richness. The dream has finally been fulfilled. More
  Book Review  
‘I Sold Andy Warhol (Too Soon)’ by Richard Polsky
This honest and hard hitting account of the modern art world seeks to find out whether it has moved from pure art appreciation to sheer monetary appreciation and its side effects. More
  Artist Profile   Exploring the self, gender, sexuality and fundamental human concerns
Aesthetic language that Anita Dube has cultivated has ubiquitous objects, common materials and images that together resonate with a meaning traversing perceived local & prosaic associations. More
  Artist Profile   Tracing the fragile edges of a woman’s world
The female form and body often assumes centrality in Sonia Mehra Chawla's work, projecting it as a site of history, memory and transformation. More
  Artist Profile   Keeping the proud legacy of his celebrated father alive
Owais Husain is taking the illustrious legacy of his father ahead by walking into his footsteps and carving a niche for himself as a multimedia artist of immense talent and skill. More
Significant showcases revolving around Indian art
  Art Feed  
  A series of exhibitions and events internationally divulge diverse curatorial practices that exude tradition and modernity, blend religion and technology, signifying the Indian spirit.
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