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Cover Story   ‘Now is a perfect time to get into contemporary Indian art.’

With prices having reached attractive levels, most market participants expect a positive development in the second half of 2012, indicating the overall optimism that prevails in the Indian art market. More

A wrap-up of Indian and international art market scene
When returns in other investment classes are unsatisfactory, experts assert that art is as good a place as any to park your precious resources. However, this is not a market for those looking to make quick money, but ideal for committed collectors, willing to wait for longer term. More
  Book Review  
‘True Colors’: The Real Life of the Art World’
Anthony Haden-Guest's witty, gossipy and whirlwind tour of the New York City’s contemporary art scene probes a fickle and fast-paced market where connections, galleries, critics and trends make or break reputations in no time. More
  Artist Profile   How the two top artists of India share life and art together?
Subodh Gupta and Bharti Kher are often invariably compared to each other as artists. Though the two tackle their themes and work differently, the fact that they share the same passion spurs their creativity and increases understanding as well. More
  Artist Profile   Treating each other as trustworthy viewers, patrons and staunch critics
Though often compared in terms of their practice to each other, Atul and Anju Dodiya think they are lucky to have each other as critics because they find total understanding and strong support at home, very vital to their enriching journey thus far. More
  Artist Profile   What makes one of India’s top creative couples so successful?
Contrast indeed works, and there can be no better example than that of the successful careers Jitish Kallat and Reena Kallat have charted out – individually and in each other’s company. Temperamentally different, they constantly inspire each other. More
‘2012: A Further Global Encounter’, ‘Approaching Abstraction’ and ‘Alone | Together’
  Art Feed  
  Two significant group exhibits present the best of contemporary Indian art, one in the context of the world’s greatest sporting extravaganza, and other from a pure painterly perspective. Meanwhile, Riyas Komu and G. R. Iranna come together in a joint show.
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