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Cover Story   ‘Bharat Ratna’: Jewels of modern Indian art.

The significant international exhibition celebrates creative streak by some of the country’s leading modern artists. More

‘The Silhouette Returns’ by Chitra Ganesh
Like in her past installations she looks to excavate and circulate buried narratives that tend to get excluded from the official canon. More
  Book Review  
Book Review : 'Relational aesthetics' by Nicholas Bourriaud
The book explores whether participatory or interactive art contributes to the emergence of a rational society. More
  Artist Profile   Sudhir Patwardhan's socially relevant art
His works explore with finesse the urban milieu of dramatic transformation, dislocation, anonymity and alienation. More
  Artist Profile   Neeraj Goswami’s artistic realm
Friction or fusion between nature and human is his favorite theme that the artist explores through a unique iconography. More
  Artist Profile   Bharti Kher’s bewildering body of work
Her trans-national perspective engenders both personal and ethnographic observations of contemporary Indian life. More
Master artists ‘in search of the vernacular’
  Art Feed  
  A look at the post-Independence masters who took a cue from Western, or even rejected it, to address a distinctly Indian vernacular
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