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Cover Story   A recap of contemporary Indian art shows: Flashback 2010

In a series of solo and group shows internationally this year, renowned Indian artists have come up with works that pointedly respond to the present complexities and realities. More

A confluence of renowned and talented artists from the Indian subcontinent
A series of international exhibitions features art works that tackle socio-economic, cultural and political dilemmas in the region in the context of today’s tumultuous times. More
  Book Review  
‘How to Buy and Sell Art’ by Michael Reid
This authoritative account of the art market by a renowned analyst and scholar provides an insight into the finer aspects of collecting. More
  Artist Profile   A spotlight on the world’s most significant, India-born contemporary artist
Internationally applauded artist Anish Kapoor is showcasing his milestone works for the first time ever in India as part of the ‘twin’ exhibition series. More
  Artist Profile   An artist who constantly reflects on the contemporary realities
Having endured the pain of Partition, the nightmare of history as well as the dream of redemption form the core of Nalini Malani’s painting, installations and video works. More
  Artist Profile   Jayasri Burman’s enchanting oeuvre
The artist’s wonderful works, which carry a lyrical touch to them, amalgamate myth, mythology and contemporary realities. More
Monumental Indian miniatures from the James Ivory collection
  Art Feed  
  This magnificent showcase of a visually rich, dynamic and powerful art form underlines its intrinsic beauty, glory and intricacy.
Is there a requirement for new artist, as established artist are not doing anything Innovative?





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