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Cover Story   Growth trajectory of Indian art intact despite adverse economic conditions

Experts are positive about the Indian Modern art market, with a streak of confidence gradually creeping back into the strength of contemporary Indian art, as well by the end of 2011. More

A recap of international shows of Indian art in 2011
A series of showcases throughout the year divulged diverse curatorial practices that exuded tradition and modernity, blended religion and technology, signifying the Indian spirit and ethos. More
  Book Review  
‘A Kind of Archeology’: Folk objects as collectible art
The author spells out the vision of American folk-art collectors to see the hidden beauty and value in it, even while pointing out to some of their fallacies. More
  Artist Profile   The shining stars of Indian art on the global landscape
We take a quick look at some of the internationally acclaimed artists who will continue to find favor with collectors and/ or investors even in the coming year. More
  Artist Profile   Art and agenda of some of the most promising artists from India
With the sun just rising on the horizon of the Indian art world, it's time to savor and soak into the creative journey of emerging talent from the country! More
  Artist Profile   A quick recap of noteworthy female artists from Ind
The sensitive practitioners look to archive the times and document the ever changing dynamics of modern mindscape and cityscape from a broader perspective, not restricted to gender alone. More
Events that signify and amplify the link between tradition and modernity in Indian art
  Art Feed  
  Emphasizing the Connoisseurship of Indian Painting, new international shows trace the artistic achievement of individual artists and present the grand panorama of the country’s art scene.
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  Raja Ravi Varma

   M F Husain

   Jamini Roy


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