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Cover Story   A mélange of styles and themes

Justin Ponmany, Anita Dube, Thukral & Tagra, Hema Upadhyay, Rashid Rana, Probir Gupta and other artists featured in a significant international group show. More

Indian artists featured at London Art Fair
The fair is aimed at enabling dialogue between diverse art practices. It also gives a unique insight into changing societies. More
  Book Review  
‘Understanding International Art Markets and Management’ by Iain Robertson
The book provides valuable inputs to those keen on understanding the contemporary art market and the way it behaves before entering it. More
  Artist Profile   Delving into Sudarshan Shetty’s artistic vision
An incongruous association of objects that might bear different meanings is intended on part of the artist to form new meaning. More
  Artist Profile   Vibha Galhotra’s images inspired by the metropolitan life and landscape
The cityscape often serves as an inspiration for the artist. Time, space and consciousness combine to portray the ‘global city’ and its travails. More
  Artist Profile   Rajesh Ram’s art unravels stark realities of life
His visual language effectively expresses the anxieties and tensions of urban living, striking a fine balance between the oft-contradictory pulls of modernity and tradition. More
Which are the biggest international art fairs?
  Art Feed  
  The top ten art fairs in the world attracting the largest numbers of galleries are:
1. Art Basel, which is by far the leader with 304 exhibitors
What is needed to build on the art infrastructure in India ?

  More Museums.

   Corporate Support.

   Tax Incentives.


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