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Cover Story   World-renowned museums collect and host Indian art

A series of dynamic and vast museum shows and collections internationally try to touch upon the themes of cultural assimilation that concern not only India, but also many expanding Asian countries. More

Indian participation at The 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art
APT7 marks its 20th year and is probably the most ambitious and diverse in scale thus far, featuring a wide array of new and recent works by no less than 75 artists and artist groups from across 27 countries, including India. More
  Book Review  
‘The Art Book: New Edition’
The volume takes up a fresher, newer approach to art education with a comprehensive compilation that draws together the research and artworks courtesy an updated version to reflect new emerging trends in the world of art. More
  Artist Profile   Mapping Laxman Shreshtha's engaging art and life journey
The celebrated artist’s oeuvre is intricately bound with the happenings in his life. It takes a cue from intense intellectual and emotional churning he has underwent over time, coming across as a reflection of his sensitive mind. More
  Artist Profile   Spotlight on three sensitive female artists with unique oeuvre
Bharti Prajapati, Ranjani Shettar, and Arpita Singh create work in their own inimitable style with references to past traditions, history, nature, and culture in a vivacious visual idiom that finds universal resonance. More
  Artist Profile   Padma Vibhushan for SH Raza
The veteran artist, one of the founders of the modern art movement in India, has been deeply influenced by his roots and the rich Indian culture. Two parallel enquiries in his work - aimed at a ‘pure plastic order’ and also concerning the theme of nature - converge into the ‘Bindu’. More
A solo of drawings by Aji V.N., ‘Paper Like Skin’ by Zarina and Bharti Kher’s new sculpture series
  Art Feed  
  The best of works by renowned Indian artists of different generations are being showcased internationally and back home. Another noteworthy event is Atul Dodiya’s lecture in the United States.
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