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Cover Story   Deciphering Ravinder Reddy’s striking heads and fabulous figurative sculptures

His heads done in dazzling colors fuse the exquisite Hindu sculptural tradition with an unmatched contemporary pop sensibility. More

Indian art on a global Highway
A group show in London features artists from India who have already made a significant impact on the international art scene alongside budding art practitioners. More
  Book Review  
‘Seven Days in the Art World’ by Sarah Thornton
Get an insight of the confusing, contrasting subcultures that make, collect, and inevitably hype contemporary art. More
  Artist Profile   Understanding Sheba Chhachhi’s visual and intellectual realm
The artist relates to ‘women on the edges’, and strives to investigate and articulate the history, experience, and power of feminine consciousness. More
  Artist Profile   Probir Gupta’s artistic concerns come to the fore at a solo in London’s Alexia Goethe
The new series by the artist on view at London’s Alexia Goethe responds to the forces of ‘progress’ in India that have been rather imbalanced. More
  Artist Profile   Jitish Kallat’s ‘Public Notice-2’ in spotlight
The focus is firmly on the talented artist after a string of successful shows and the news that Bodhi Art has recently acquired his challenging work to Savara Foundation for the Arts More
The global financial turmoil and state of the art market
  Art Feed  
  Art is a great investment since it combines pleasure as well as capital appreciation, and the current depression provides a good entry point.
Given the international crises are international art fairs a good idea?



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