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Cover Story   Mapping post-Independence India’s Modern Art evolution

A grand international museum show brings to life the country’s vibrant visual culture and reveals how the shift from colonial subject to sovereign nation has defined new artistic trends and styles. More

Vivacious and vibrant video art draws collectors’ attention
The new media practitioners from India’s evolving art-scape examine contemporary themes and concerns, using interactive technology to seek the viewer participation and involvement. More
  Book Review  
Is there any link between top art prices and classic economics?
Investing in art is more about the cultural value of money, and of art than about finance; about underlining the intrinsic Social Meaning of Money, argues a new thought-provoking essay. More
  Artist Profile   A peep into artist B. Prabha’s oeuvre and her inspirations
The core theme of her oeuvre was ubiquitous women and their sufferings. Her graceful portrayal of female forms brought their suppressed sentiments to the fore, making a strong social statement. More
  Artist Profile   A staunch feminist who touches upon social schisms
The fascinating and awe-inspiring female figure recurs in Rekha Rodwittiya’s bold-hued paintings as a motif that represents diverse shades of emotions and concerns, sans objectifying the same. More
  Artist Profile   Socially oriented agenda of a young and talented artist
Praneet Soi explores representations of familiar images emanating from the rumblings around in order to grasp how such imagery can affect the way we might perceive our own environment. More
Celebrating glorious past and promising future of Indian art
  Art Feed  
  Top international institutions like the Louvre Paris, Tate Modern, Absolut Vodka and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston give a place of prominence to Indian art and artists.
Should the Indian Goverment help to protect and promote the Indian Art market?





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