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Cover Story   Fine tuning the art of investing in art

In continuation of our series on simplifying the intricacies of buying art, we present second part of the essential guide for keen collectors, who want to build a quality portfolio. More

Factors prompting India’s artistic emergence
The growing presence of Indian art internationally can be attributed to its new-generation artists, who respond to the country’s socio-political, economic transformation and its implications. More
  Book Review  
Tuning to ‘voices of change’ in Indian art
A well-researched document puts the spotlight firmly on talented artists of our era and their outstanding work that addresses a range of contemporary issues and concerns. More
  Artist Profile   Catching a glimpse of artist Himmat Shah’s life and art
Delving into the influences and inspirations, the sensitivity and sensibilities, the processes and philosophy of the veteran sculptor-printmaker is in itself an enriching experience. More
  Artist Profile   Capturing the nuances of artist Nilima Sheikh’s practice
A mélange of influences including art history, her immediate realm, complex socio-political realities and the variables of fragile feminine experiences have shaped her enriching art journey. More
  Artist Profile   Paying homage to Husain
The maverick legend, often called the ‘Picasso of India’ and celebrated as ‘India's most prized contemporary artist’, retained his zest for life and his creative instinct till the last breath. More
Talented contemporary female artists from India in focus
  Art Feed  
  Several leading galleries across the world are hosting a series of shows, featuring works by the established and emerging names like Anita Dube, Rina Banerjee, Tejal Shah and Chitra Ganesh.
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