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Cover Story   Recap of DOCUMENTA (13) and Indian participation

India enjoyed a strong presence at the world’s leading art showcase this year, underlining its growing stature as an art superpower. Here is a quick look at the underlying theme of the 2012 edition and works of Indian artists. More

Creating and viewing art goes public
New unconventional and viewer-friendly art exhibitions are growingly moving to outdoor spaces. They offer a holistic, curated museum experience in their quality, complexity, and also scope, albeit sans the walls. More
  Book Review  
‘Word, Image, Text: Studies in Literary and Visual Culture’
An inextricable and intricate intertwining of representation and discourse with images, the book looks to imbricate visual and verbal experience and how the two tend to intermingle. More
  Artist Profile   Motivations and inspirations of a doyen of his era
Keen to break away from the constraining academic shackles, K K Hebbar charted his own path and explored the true essence of creativity through India’s traditional and folk art forms albeit with a contemporary touch. More
  Artist Profile   Portrayal of a passionate performance artist
Exploring the fine boundaries existing between performance, live art, theatre, photography, drawing and sculpture, Nikhil Chopra through his practice recreates and enacts fictional and autobiographical, the real and theatrical. More
  Artist Profile   A Ramachandran’s astounding artistic realm
Different key elements of Indian classical art apart from nature and natural elements have found an echo and integration in his practice that at some point was also a poignant reflection of the angst of the prevailing urban life. More
‘Indian Highway VI’ makes way into the city of Beijing
  Art Feed  
  Giving modern and contemporary Indian art a global spin, the grand traveling exhibition is a unique collaborative effort with the respective hosting museum, featuring internationally renowned artists and emerging talented practitioners.
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