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Cover Story   Leading collectors of modern & contemporary Indian art - I

Transcending several key milestones of Indian art history, their proud possessions explore a plethora of styles, themes and issues. More

TV Santhosh’s 'Burning Flags' and Ebenezer’s ‘Holy Smoke’
Two of India’s most exciting contemporary artists display their works in two international shows, in London and New York, respectively. More
  Book Review  
A debate on ‘priceless’ art in context of today’s rocky times
Four experts discuss the beauty, creativity, and investment angles to check the intrinsic worth of art as an asset class. More
  Artist Profile   India's leading expressionist artist Chittrovanu Mazumdar
The deeply introspective nature of the experience his art creates can be attributed to sense of isolation and silence it exudes. More
  Artist Profile   Parvathi Nayar’s art with a social agenda
The artist juxtaposes the satire and the profundity of life while looking to capture the power and potential of contemporary women. More
  Artist Profile   Encapsulating Rekha Rodwittiya’s life and practice
The bold-hued paintings amplify her belief that female empowerment and its attendant baggage is complex in nature. More
‘In Transition: New Art from India’
  Art Feed  
  Six of India’s premier artists explore the issues critical to their home country’s redefinition amidst globalization in an international group show.
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