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Cover Story   Simplifying the intricacies of buying art - I

The fine art marketplace is a maze of complexly interlinked aspects that you need to be well conversant with for developing your perception and vision as a collector. More

A quick glance at la Biennale di Venezia
The official National Pavilions, an international exhibition, meaningful curatorial interventions, public engagement, diverse art projects and seminars form the crux of this prestigious art event. More
  Book Review  
TEFAF report on the global art markets
New investors and collectors from China and India have helped to shield the world art market from some of the impending downside risks faced, and to accelerate its recovery. More
  Artist Profile   Encapsulating Manu Parekh’s life and art
Delving into the influences and inspirations, the sensitivity and sensibilities, the processes and philosophy of the veteran artist is an enriching experience in itself. More
  Artist Profile   Analyzing Rameshwar Broota’s core concerns as an artist
The senior artist’s work juxtaposes the mythical with the real, to generate a sense of absurdity. The images and icons all form part of his subconscious self. More
  Artist Profile   A quick glance at Dayanita Singh’s oeuvre exuding poetic and expressive qualities
A highly accomplished and socially sensitive photo artist from India with international recognition captures social realities and her own life and realm. More
A melange of works in diverse mediums, forms and styles with powerful themes
  Art Feed  
  We do a quick recap of significant international shows that feature Mithu Sen, Bharti Kher and Subodh Gupta among other prominent artists, who unveil new contemporary ideas and concepts.
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