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Cover Story   How is the road ahead for Indian art market?

In spite of the slightly negative market trend, experts are positive about the near-term and long term direction of Indian art market. The relatively low prices for works by younger generation artists also means savvy collectors stand to gain. More

Inspirations and aspirations of the world’s top art collectors - II
George Economou, François Pinault, Thea and Ethan Wagner, Bernardo Paz all have followed a unique pattern and vision when it comes to collecting art. What is it that keeps them going? We try and find out… More
  Book Review  
‘Starting Your Career as an Artist’ by Angie Wojak and Stacy Miller
Conceptualized as a comprehensive guide for emerging visual artists - painters, sculptors, video artists, installation makers or photographers – the book offers precious insights into building a successful and lasting career. More
  Artist Profile   The modern Indian sculpture’s founding father
Known for his monumental sculptures and versatile paintings, Ramkinkar Baij seamlessly fused the European modern visual idioms with his own roots and ethos, to create his own unique visual language. More
  Artist Profile   A sensitive artist who deals with history & tradition, pain & social tensions
Vetran artist Ram Kumar’s paintings have brought to the fore sense of loss or desolation that he witnesses in the life and tragedies around him. Stylistically and thematically, his amazing oeuvre grips your mind and heart. More
  Artist Profile   A skilled visual narrator, storyteller and a chronicler of contemporary times
Artist N. S. Harsha draws his motifs from a spate of news-driven images and traditional symbols to concoct a pointed socio-political commentary. He portrays ironies of small town/city life in an increasingly globalized world. More
A quick look at major Indian art exhibits and events
  Art Feed  
  ‘Mapmakers: The Evolution of Contemporary Indian Art; a solo show of works by Jagannath Panda, ‘Índia - Lado a Lado / Arte Contemporânea Indiana’ in Brazil and Sotheby's offers exquisite miniature paintings
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