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Cover Story   Significant shows by modern & contemporary Indian artists

The innovative artworks draw on a multifaceted artistic heritage of political engagement, popular culture and classical mythology along with socio-economic transformation of the country. More

Spreading art appreciation and viewing culture, The KNMA way
Known to be a passionate collector, Kiran Nadar has been acquiring exquisite artworks for close to two decades that she now makes accessible to the masses, to create a wider viewership. More
  Book Review  
‘The Making of Modern Indian Art: The Progressives’
What makes the PAG artists stand apart even today? Yashodhara Dalmia tries to provide the answer, as she traces their life journeys and relevance in a meticulously researched book. More
  Artist Profile   A spotlight on Ram Singh Urveti and Jangarh Singh Shyam
The two expert exponents of the traditional form of painting styles are getting the recognition and appreciation they deserve not only in India but also internationally. More
  Artist Profile   Alok Bal’s socially sensitive works
The artist questions the tendency to dominate and manipulate nature. Disillusioned with a faceless urban existence, his works bring out a personal sense of loss. More
  Artist Profile   A sensitive artist highlights his concerns over the culture of excesses
Overlapping of individual greed and consumerist society unnerves Riaz Samadhan, who articulates a sense of self-alienation caused by a mindless quest of material needs. More
Will the Internet substitute real world art sales?
  Art Feed  
  As the art market gains momentum, some of the world’s biggest art & technology players are collaborating in hope that collectors will spend millions on buying works online.
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