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Cover Story   Ten tips to build a timeless art portfolio

An aspiring collector-investor need to initiate and immerse oneself in the process of acquiring works that exude diversity, reflect current trends, as well as hold in terms of beauty and value. More

Celebrating India’s glorious art traditions
Top international institutions like the British Museum, Louvre Paris, Tate Modern, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston among others provide a special attention to rich Indian art traditions. More
  Book Review  
‘Indian Painting: The lesser-known traditions’
This compilation of essays is an exquisite example of art historical literature, which gives some lesser-known folk art traditions of the country the kind of attention they deserve. More
  Artist Profile   ‘To me, art is a constant quest to answer self-posed queries.’
Reflection of a restless mind, searching for complex answers to riddles posed by life, Meetali Singh’s work takes the viewer along the uncharted narrative that borders on imaginary and the real. More
  Artist Profile   A peep into Prasad Raghvan’s ‘Post-Poster Art’
Interpreting the textual, visual and contextual codes of world cinema, his versatile oeuvre skillfully blends the varied expertise in film-making, designing of posters and advertising. More
  Artist Profile   Fathoming the core of Sunil Pawal’s thought processes and practice
The sensitive artist channelizes his angst at social injustices and ills on canvas that he terms a monologue, an intense and personal commentary on the ostensible ‘progress’ and its fallouts. More
An Emirate Filling Up With Artwork
  Art Feed  
  DUBAI — As Qatar develops a sophisticated art scene, with exhibitions by high-profile artists and plans for nearly a dozen new gallery openings in the next six months, analysts say an increasing number of Qatari buyers and collectors are becoming major investors in art.
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