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Cover Story   The art revolution of India, a rising phenomenon

Their growing affluence along with the home country’s emergence as undisputed superpower has led to a new-found appreciation of Indian art - both for its cultural and investment value. More

Joys and challenges of a wonderful medium
Belying a simplistic assumption that watercolors suit only the traditional representational painting, many artists are creating wonderful works that form part of a larger painterly tradition. More
  Book Review  
‘Seven Days in the Art World’ by Sarah Thornton
A definitive primer to the ever-booming contemporary art scene, this is a powerful account of individuals and institutions that wield the power to shape art history. More
  Artist Profile   Grasping nuances of a sensitive artist’s philosophy and practice
Viewing Jyothi Basu’s images is equally soothing and unsettling. His other-worldly and fantastical landscapes allude to a futuristic reality - partly palpable, partly virtual. More
  Artist Profile   Veteran artist Badri Narayan’s creative quest
Peeping into the persona of this multi-faceted painter, illustrator, teacher, essayist, philosopher and storyteller in itself is an enriching experience. More
  Artist Profile   Zarina Hashmi’s personal journey across continents and civilizations
A live journal of her personal life, the sensitive artist deals with varied themes like displacement, travel, and the lost home. Her works evoke themes that contain a melancholic nostalgia. More
The India Pavilion at Venice
  Art Feed  
  For the first time, the country will have an official pavilion at the prestigious event, as the government has finally accepted an invitation from its organizers.
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