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Cover Story   A new hub for global art market in the making

Savvy art aficionados, who have already witnessed the rise of India and China as new-century’s art superpowers, obviously do not want to miss out on probably the next one in making – Dubai. More

Aspirations and motivations of the world’s most powerful art collectors - I
Artur Walther, Sheikha Al Mayassa, Budi Tek, Liu Yiqian, Steven and Chiara Rosenblum, Jose, Alberto and David Mugrabi all belong to different backgrounds, but what they have in common is their passion for art! More
  Book Review  
‘Artist, Undone’ by V. Sanjay Kumar
Woven around part reality and a part fictional account, the book is a beguiling and dramatic narrative of its hapless protagonist’s struggle to grasp the creation, commerce and critiquing of today’s art world. More
  Artist Profile   Analyzing the philosophy and processes of a painterly genius
Influenced by Kashmir Shaivism and Tantra (mysticism), G. R. Santosh’s practice was shaped by a deep rooted and rather esoteric worldview, leading to semi-abstract works subtly infused with both sexual and spiritual energies. More
  Artist Profile   A sensitive artist who deals with history & tradition, pain & social tensions
An interplay of light and narrative are integral to Susanta Mandal’s work that alludes to a storytelling tradition revolving around shadow-play, and symbolizing abstract fear – that of life or of social change. More
  Artist Profile   Delving deeper into the inner recesses of self and society
A strong philosophical bent is at the core of Suryakant Lokhande’s thought-provoking work that serves as a sharp commentary on the product driven modern urban life wherein the self-identity is perennially lost. More
Works that delve into key concerns of our times
  Art Feed  
  A quick look at ‘Longing for Tomorrow’ by Thukral & Tagra, Phaneedra Nath Chaturvedi’s solo ‘An Anthropomorphic Incarnation’; ‘Apposite | Opposite’ by Rashid Rana and other important shows.
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