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Cover Story   Art as a ‘collectible & emotional’ asset draws global wealth mangers

For new-age wealth management community, competition is not any longer the prime or sole motivation to include art in conventional wealth structuring: rather demand from clients, keen to add tangible and reliable assets to their portfolios, is the key driver. More

A precursor to upcoming Art Basel fair in Hong Kong
The event scheduled later this month will present quality paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, video, photographs and exclusive editioned works by artists from Asia and across the world including India. More
  Book Review  
‘Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian Art: An Anthology’
Essays by well-known critics, scholars, researchers and curators offer insightful perspectives on dynamic Southeast Asian art scene in its all-encompassing scope of intellectual interests and contemporary context. More
  Artist Profile   An artist greatly concerned by social and environmental degradation
The theme of human suffering caused by distorted socio-political system and also the one that we happen to create within ourselves forms the crux of Alok Bal’s work that also depicts a rather disturbing spectre of concrete jungles. More
  Artist Profile   Tracing life and career of a veteran artist-philosopher
The mysterious, mystical processes of renewal continue to inspire Akbar Padamsee’s artistic quest. His oeuvre primarily revolves around a meticulous revisiting of three distinct genres: the landscape, the nude and the head, involving a dynamic, recursive, additive process. More
  Artist Profile   Peeping into Sanjay Bhattacharya’s artistic realm
Done in a wide range of media, his vast body of works explores dual nature of realities, looking to blend the outer and inner ones, juxtapose or even confront both at times. It encompasses quaint architectural elements, streets of Kolkata and realistic portraiture. More
Intricate works by talented artists that mesmerize art lovers
  Art Feed  
  ‘Labyrinth of Reflections’, a survey exhibition of works by Rashid Rana; Tallur L.N.’s solo in New York; spotlight on contemporary South and Southeast Asia art courtesy the Guggenheim; and Atul Bhalla at PM Gallery & House in London.
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