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Cover Story   The inside track on how to collect works of contemporary art

London based Whitechapel Gallery, a participant at Art Expo in Mumbai last year, has launched a comprehensive course for aspiring collectors. More

A series of international solo and group shows involving top Indian artists
A snapshot of ‘Midnight's Children’, ‘Take off Your Shoes & Wash Your Hands’; ‘Likewise’ and 'Dirty Jewels' in Verona, Glasgow, Berlin and London. More
  Book Review  
Books that trace three contemporary Indian artists’ life journey
A glance at ‘Regarding the Drawings of KG Subramanyan’; ‘Anjolie Ela Menon: Through the Patina’; and ‘The World on a Canvas – A Visual Voyage’ of artist Paresh Maity More
  Artist Profile   Fathoming T.M. Azis’s fascinating artistic realm
Not keen to be identified with a style or school of thought, he tries to identify with the changing environment and people around, also keeping pace with the new digital age. More
  Artist Profile   One of India’s most distinguished contemporary artists back in spotlight
For the new ‘paintings under construction’ Atul Dodiya has burnished the images onto steel sheets, made to resemble the back of canvases. More
  Artist Profile   A conceptual artist driven by socio-political and basic human concerns
Vivacious vocabulary, monumental scale and complex themes presented in a lighter vein define Sudarshan Shetty’s ambitious art agenda. More
Secrets of becoming a successful collector
  Art Feed  
  It’s advisable to approach specialists while investing in any asset class including art since it demands expertise and insight to build, manage and grow your portfolio.
Who is the most liquid Indian Artist?



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