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Cover Story   Artprice Contemporary Art Market report analyzes key events and trends

Despite the lingering economic crisis, with Asia now having emerged as a dominant player, the international market for contemporary art has achieved its third best performance ever, underlining its potential as a bankable asset class. More

A precursor to The Skoda Prize
Nominees to the prestigious award this year are known to create works that reflect both diversity and depth of contemporary art practice in India, encompassing innovative site specific installations, videos, prints, drawings, photo collages, paintings, and performance art. More
  Book Review  
‘Pop Art’ by Bradford Collins
The insightful volume provides a comprehensive overview of the significant art movement, and explains the background behind its development for an enhanced perspective and context to our understanding of Pop art as well as its relevance today. More
  Artist Profile   A 'global' artist laced with fascinating folk and rustic rural touch
A renowned figurative painter who takes us into a mythical realm, Haku Shah is also an authority on India’s rich folk and tribal art traditions, trying to preserve, document and represent them in contemporary context. More
  Artist Profile   An enchanting interplay of sensuous exuberance, desire and decay
Through a subtle portrayal brings of the fragile female body, Sonia Mehra Chawla suggests how ephemeral and vulnerable it is – akin to a site of memory, history, and transformation even while continuing with its mundane chores, yet registering all shades of emotions. More
  Artist Profile   A spotlight on upcoming and talented Indian artists
We get a glimpse into oeuvre of some of the most talented and brightest young practitioners to have emerged on the horizon of contemporary Indian art. Let us grasp the diversity and dynamism of their themes, styles and thought processes. More
Prominent international shows of contemporary Indian art
  Art Feed  
  ‘WAR Zone’ in Austria features Probir Gupta, Aditya Pande and T.V Santhosh; ‘Creationism’s Kiss’ by Rina Banerjee takes place in Brussels; The Toran Project brought top Indian artists’ works to Canada, whereas Subodh Gupta’s ‘Ray’ gets displayed in Shanghai’s public sculpture show.
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