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Cover Story   A perfect time to acquire quality works of art

Though concerns about the pace of global recovery are not still fully erased, the more upbeat art market is showing resilience against the current economic uncertainties, to forge its way ahead. More

An icon of peace and non-violence inspires creative minds
The Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, and his philosophy of non-violence has influenced several artists as evident in their works that strive to re-contextualize his message of peace. More
  Book Review  
The worlds of art and literature intermingle
Many distinguished writers have continued to recognize in the world of art and artists a tantalizing and tempting subject matter that they use to produce highly engaging literary works. More
  Artist Profile   An artist who links his practice to the immediate socio-political milieu
Acutely aware of his immediate socio-economic and cultural environment, Prasanta Sahu ably fathoms the complex relationships and transformations occurring between the self and the world. More
  Artist Profile   Understanding artistic influences and inspirations of the Progressives
The most significant thing about the PAG artists was not only their unconventional work, but also the circumstances under which they joined forces – to make an emphatic artistic statement. More
  Artist Profile   The work and life of a legendary female artist from India
Amrita Sher-Gil’s immense painterly talent, her rich body of work, the intense persona and beauty transformed her into an everlasting mystery, heightened by a tragic and premature death. More
A quick glance at major shows of Indian art
  Art Feed  
  A string of international shows focuses on young talent and underline the creativity as well as sensitivity exuded by established artists from India.
Art Market analysis is an important part of art knowledge base.



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