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Cover Story   Vibrant Indian art becoming a significant global phenomenon

Talented artists from the country are creating works that come across as an apt reflection of myriad art trends, encompassing sociopolitical, religious and historical developments in the context of its current complexities, drawing international attention and applause. More

Mumbai and other themes at The 9th Shanghai Biennale 2012
The event facilitates an exchange of ideas among international curators, writers and theorists, to initiate meaningful dialogue in backdrop of a growingly global market, also introducing city pavilions this year, including one from Mumbai. More
  Book Review  
Fine Art and High Finance
The carefully compiled research volume delves into the aspect of economics of art ownership, involving appraisal & valuation, securitization, taxation, insurance, art funds, and other key areas of art investment. More
  Artist Profile   Talented female artists from India to look forward to!
The socially conscious practitioners of the new generation boldly encounter the complex world around them. Their works often emerge as metaphoric introspection of today’s society, or as candid communication on the various issues, confronting us. More
  Artist Profile   An artist keen to carry forward his father’s rich artistic legacy
Like his father, one of India’s celebrated and renowned painters, Ratnadeep Gopal Adivrekar, too has managed to carve a niche for himself with his artworks that are an outcome of highly meticulous creative process and keen observations. More
  Artist Profile   A multi-faceted painter, sculptor, and installation artist
Often metaphysical and metaphorical, Sunil gawde’s creations deftly take shape, as he expertly mutates complex philosophy with ubiquitous objects from day-to-day life to which he gives a new interpretation. More
International shows of works by contemporary Indian practitioners
  Art Feed  
  Atul Dodiya’s recent artworks are on view in Paris; Sudarshan Shetty’s new exhibit takes place in Vienna; sculptures and installations by Bharti Kher are being showcased in Lodon whereas a Zarina Hashmi retrospective is held in Los Angeles.
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