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Cover Story   The connection between the world of art and business

Top companies and industry doyens around the world including are in the possession of immense artistic riches. They collect and invest in art for various reasons. More

Factors that make art investment more rewarding and fulfliing
Investing in art is largely about spotting the potential early in an emerging, talented artist. Established names have sustainable value. On the other hand, younger artists offer higher risk/higher return. More
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Leading galleries venture into art publishing
Not just exhibiting, many art galleries are also keen on releasing elaborate and extensive documentation of art practices processes, trends, history and heritage to increase art awareness. More
  Artist Profile   An abstractionist who revels in his inner world
Vijay Shinde’s introspective silence gets gradually transformed onto the canvas, astutely awakened through the intensity of mystique of life in its varied magical and myriad forms. More
  Artist Profile   An artistic agenda shaped by mystical arts, philosophy, mythology and technology
All the themes, subjects or disciplines Baiju Parthan has explored are largely out of his urge to understand ‘why I am I here, & what I’m doing as an individual and as an artist’. More
  Artist Profile   Enchanting journey of a passionate progressive
Hari Ambadas Gade opted for an unconventional style and rebelled against the set norms of academic art, imposed by the British education system, as most PAG members did at that time. More
Significant shows and events revolving around Indian art
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  A series of international showcases divulge diverse curatorial practices that exude tradition and modernity, blend religion and technology, signifying the Indian spirit and ethos.
Will India follow china in art prices soon
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