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Cover Story   Cues for art market and artists to watch out for

While building a portfolio, even as we provide attention to each individual artist and his or her growth trajectory, we must also pay attention to the overall market scenario and how it’s shaping up. More

China and India dominate art world headlines
While experts are pondering over the fact whether art can survive the tough economic period, there are reports over inflated prices and major art frauds in China, where incidentally a section of art lovers is worried over presence of thriving Indian art. More
  Book Review  
A Credit Suisse report on art and investing
Not only has art as an asset class clearly outperformed bonds and equities, it also creates an attractive diversification opportunity, being ‘tangible’ in nature, making it ideal for hedging against stiff inflation. More
  Artist Profile   Peeping into Heeral Trivedi’s artistic realm
Her paintings draw from a keen observation of immediate surroundings, skillfully juxtaposed with transitions in her personal journey and also the tales of common women, their struggles and marginalization. More
  Artist Profile   Urban predicament and agony drive Yusuf Arakkal’s art
In moving from one socially relevant theme to another, the socially sensitive artist demonstrates that his job as a creative person is to find clear, simples way of communicating through a universal language of expression. More
  Artist Profile   Vivacious artistic vistas of Venkat Bothsa
Creating a perplexing parallel yet believable reality, he infuses elements of kitsch, albeit with a latent touch of lyricism in the polychromatic realm of sculptures that express his concern over the environmental issues and broader social conditions. More
International shows that underline distinct facets of Indian contemporary art
  Art Feed  
  ‘Sub-Topical Heat’, ‘India Art Now’, and ‘Reveal the secrets that you seek’ in New Zealand, Denmark and USA, respectively present thought-provoking works that denote aspirations of a new generation and also expose social conflicts.
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