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  • History


      Set up by Mr Vickram Sethi in 1990, The Arts Trust has been actively engaged in promoting Contemporary Indian Art.

      It focuses on the promotion of innovative art by established as well as young artists. The viewers at the exhibitions have increased tremendously in the last 5 years, as general awareness and interest in Indian contemporary art has developed over the years.

      When The Arts Trust first started in 1990, it was only those people who had a dedicated interest in such art who sought out the gallery to see works by new artists. The number built up steadily over a period of time and is considerably larger now.

      Events presented by The Arts Trust range from shows catering to large audiences and single-evening events tailor-made for select people. Besides organising art exhibitions that showcase a wide range of talent and creativity, it also provides art lovers and patrons alike with an opportunity to see promising works in different genres. Combining a deep knowledge and appreciation of Indian art with market reach, The Arts Trust has curated over 150 exhibitions and has with the passage of time, established itself as the best source for quality works of art by distinguished artists.

  • Mission Statement

      Mission Statement

      The Arts Trust's mission is to increase public knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Indian Modern and Contemporary art

      We want to strengthen its position and extend its influence as the center for Indian art.

      Our aim is to advance its local, national and international position and to secure its future development.

      We will develop programmes which reach audiences world wide through the online medium.

      We want to understand our audiences better, to broaden their socio-economic and ethnic mix and to improve the quality of their experience.

      We wish to improve The Arts Trust’s relationship with our many friends, supporters and advisors, use our profile to achieve greater impact for our activities and further the contribution of the visual arts.
  • Corporate Sourcing

      Corporate Sourcing / Art consultancy / Art Portfolio Management

      Every collection should tell a story. We encourage collectors to develop a personal vision to help define their individual collections.

      The first step is to understand your personal preferences along with the financial considerations that underpin them. We then develop a strategy for the collection.

      For existing collectors, we can advise how best to expand and enhance the collection or how to alter it for greater coherence.

      When consulting on acquisitions, we consider factors such as quality, condition, rarity, and price. Every acquisition proposal we make is guaranteed to meet the demands of quality and financial soundness.

  • Restoration

      Restoration and Preservation

      The term "conservation" embraces all actions that are taken to prolong the life of artifacts. Minimum intervention is the primary ethic of conservation. This ensures that the object retains its historicity and originality. Careful maintenance and storage play vital roles in the preservation of fragile and valuable artifacts. Restoration is an aspect of conservation, which is usually undertaken to "complete" an object so that one can have a better idea of what the object looked like or how it functioned in a previously known state.

      The Arts Trust has a team of experts set up who take all the care to preserve the artifact.

  • Authentication

      Authentication, Certification and Valuation

      Every painting undergoes a rigorous examination on a variety of parameters. Any doubt raised will warrant a deeper examination and discussion. If required, subject matter experts are invited to further evaluate and reinforce the analysis of The Arts Trust's in-house experts. Upon a work receiving the final approval, The Arts Trust will issue a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the genuineness of the artwork

      Verification with living artists where possible
      Comparison with other works of the artist
      Conducting a check on provenance and its documented evidence
      Signature Analysis · Study of the medium
      Study of the base and support · Study of the style and strokes
      Invitation to subject matter experts (if required) · Laboratory tests conducted (if required)
      Preparation of final Report & Certificate by The Arts Trust
  • Valuation


      The valuation process involves the following:

      • Detailed study of pricing history for the artist since 1987
      • Price comparison with other works of the artist from similar periods
      • Price comparison with works by other contemporary artists
      • Research on historical significance of the work
      • Previous auction price references
      • Current value estimation
      • Liquidity rating & analysis (if required)
      • Rarity & availability analysis (if required)
      • Investment rationale (if required)

      Valuation Reports can be designed based on specific requirements:

      • Valuation for accounting and asset management of collections
      • Fair market valuations and sale or purchase advice appraisals
      • Insurance/ Risk management appraisals
      • Replacement cost appraisals for damage claims/losses
      • Division of property appraisals for wills, trusts, legal separation, settlement etc.
      • Estate appraisals
      • Gift or donation appraisals
      • Valuation for capital gains tax liability on sale of property
      • Transit insurance valuation
      • Valuation for use as collateral
      • Valuation for liquidation and sale of property/estate

      What we need for a valuation
      • A digital image
      • Complete description (artist's name, date, medium, measurements) 
      • Provenance 
      • Exhibition and publication history

      We charge per hour or per artwork. Our fees are not related to the value of the collection. We are happy to provide estimates without obligation before beginning a valuation.

      Client confidentiality is of paramount importance to us. We work with insurers, banks, and law firms who greatly value client privacy and rely on us to preserve it.

  • Working at ICIA

    Working AT The Arts Trust
    Detailed below is a list of all our current vacancies. This list is updated regularly, so if we do not currently have a vacancy which is appropriate for you, please check our site again.

    Thank you for your interest in working at The Arts Trust and good luck in your search for suitable employment.

    The Arts Trust Vacancies
    The Arts Trust employs staff in a wide range of roles at our gallery located in the center of Mumbai's art district.

    If you wish to apply for one of our vacancies, please download our application form. Before completing your application form, please ensure that you read carefully the job description for the vacancy and the guidance notes for applicants. Please note these documents are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), download Adobe® Reader®.

    Unfortunately we can only accept applications for specific vacancies made via our standard application form (CVs will not be accepted). We are not able to accept speculative applications for employment or offer to keep details on file pending a suitable vacancy arising. The volume of enquiries we receive about working at The Arts Trust, unfortunately makes this prohibitive.

    Corporate Development Executive
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    Art Market Analyst
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    Art reviewer
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    The Arts Trust Volunteer Opportunities
    The Arts Trust has a number of unpaid opportunities. Please note these positions are unpaid and all expenses shall be borne by the volunteer. The Arts Trust is unable to make an offer of permanent employment at the end of any placement. Please ensure that any correspondence or application for a specific post includes the post reference. The Arts Trust Media Digital Programmes Intern Location:Mumbai Description

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