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Milburn was born in Bombay on the 28th of November, 1958. Categorising Milburn Cherian’s paintings into a particular cultural, chronological, or indeed even symbolic single perspective or style, except to point to archetypal truths embedded within an external visual Indian extravaganza. Therefore it is quite obvious for one to hesitate to know from which angle to begin to write about them. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that her individual painting will ultimately rely on an underlying invisible diagram. It is a fascinating journey as it begins to unfold and one begins to trace the line through which her painting transcends into the realm of the known and yet unknown. The single shapes in their myriad multiplicity are discordant notes sounded in dissonance, but they are equally in harmonious relationship to one another. There is not an iota of empty space which would have modified the intense sense of cluster of the constantly moving forms. The more one observes, the stronger is the effect of clash and harmony reconciled. This integration is Milburn Cherian’s glorious achievement. Cherian says that she learnt art from reading a lot of books and going through reproductions of several famous painters. There is a certain sadistic element in most of her works. Floating twisted torsos, with heart torn apart, dominate the canvas. She also has painted ghost like creatures floating through air as if they were floating on water. "Distorting the human body helps me to convey the pain and wretchedness of modern life around us. But I do not think of any particular issue when I am painting. My work is very spontaneous and these patterns come easily to my mind," she says. Milburn Cherian has held more than 20 exhibitions in India, Germany and UK. She lives and works out of New Delhi.

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Milburn  Cherian

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