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Painting her emotions in a dream like quality takes a more mystical feel in her paintings. This is also attributed to the fact that Meetali depicts her dreams and desires in a surrealistic manner enhanced by the lyrical quality of a medium which the artist feels accentuates the feminity of her being and works. Meetali’s works grow in an incessant manner, embracing the viewer and setting a curiosity amidst the narrative, which in itself is free from the enclosures of a beginning and an end. This is a painting of unspeakable beauty which portrays a restless mind (a self-portrait) in search for answers of life, she is faced with her other self. Rather than multiple images converging to create a singular visual, here, it is the other way around; where several images emerge from the innermost corners of her visual mind and all of them converge to the main image of her other self to engage the viewers into the inaudible and invisible conversation between the two.

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Meetali  Singh

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