Page 13 - BIKASH BHATTACHARJEE Retrospective Catalogue
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                                                                                                                   , pg.
                                                                                                                   Issue 21st November  1971  ,


                                                                                                                   Newspaper clipping :


                                                        Untitled, Oil on canvas, Circa 1960  with  toyed  also  but  of number  a created  a  with resonated  which  over  grasp  a demonstrated  Indian  other  any  unlike  over command supreme  yet familiar  were  that  attracted  and captured  artist  the wherewith  and  in  up  grew  he  met.  he people  the  to distortions minor  to  touch  eerie  an  works  His identifier.  his  of streets  the  both  of  His class. middle  Bengal

                                                              to concepts  He  works,  He  surrealism  his  With  subjects  successfully  enthusiasts.  art  style  early  streets  the  of  of portraits  add  to  on  go  lending scenes  become  depiction  Bengali  the  the  as  well  were  artist.  the  by

                                                              regards  mediums.  collage  surrealism.  and  time.  and  he  of  his  past  scenes  would  everyday  would  powerful  and  as  mediums

                                                              with   of  realism  the  of  texture  otherworldly,  fascination  photorealistic  he  that  a  surroundings,  subjects

                                                              only  different  impactful  degree  both  artist  light,  the  Moving  depicted  Later,  these  them  were  Kolkata  both  varied


                                                                                                                   Old City Scape, Oil on canvas, Circa 1960
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