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           1970s  Bhattacharjee’s  commentary  expanding  also  was  by  his  of  in  was  course  was  strife  proponents  Bengal.  nationwide  Bhattacharjee,  incident  It  Kolkata  of  Frustration  people  their  democracy.  corpses  sightings.  become  unease  the  studio.  direct  docility

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           The  interest  he  award  one  work  Series',  the  series  artist's  unrest,  the  in  curiosity  approach  of  canvas.  that  state  young  and  t i l t i n g  retaliated  about  approached  to  in  his  no

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                                                                                        by      The  doll      part

                                                                                                                 ‘The Statesman

                                                                                                                 Newspaper clipping :  1989.  May,  3rd  Issue
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