Page 4 - BIKASH BHATTACHARJEE Retrospective Catalogue
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to  with coincided  world  art Indian  the  in  rise Bikash’s  that  work Bikash’s  in urgency  an  is There  this?  many  and development economic India’s  His unrealised.  yet  as desire  see  to  you propels  doll  work.  his bought corporates water ,  mud, elemental,  the towards  move paintings  and  he  and materials primary  the  are  heat  and sunlight  and  about sensitive  was  he communicative,  very  Not Arcadian  of favour  in  flair  a  with  them pain
                  was  His  dolls  images  flowers.  convey  ideas  conveyed  of  elegance  subjects.  landscapes  reflects  portrayal  hoping  use  our  the  Bikash’s  expressionless  zombie-like  element  appear.  of  solvable  Indian  because  rich.  pastoral  failures,  art  of  come

                  objective  issue.  discarded  treasured  also  were  selling  to  used  certain  It  advantage  his  that  way  his  he  to  unfair  not  it’s  defining  off  of  a  key  a  is  they  gravity  is  it  that  fundamental  pictures  the  of  rural  the  Though  exploitation  altogether .  that

                  His  significant  rich  children  There  or  flag  he  about.  takes  participatory  with  portraits,  a  in  about  was  was  if  subjects  them  Many  identical  with  figures  which  the  believe  a  these  rooms  a  of  exposing  liberty.

                  trauma.  a  the  poor  national  that  highlight  think  to  that  certain  connection  his  subjects  Bikash  emotion  it  felt  especially  the  stripping  life.  with  anonymity  such  in  downplays  is  this  made  drawing  notions  and  the  to  conversation  responsibilities

                  with  was  of children  the  glee.  great  the  symbols  and  viewers  society  a  is  of  painter ,  the  with  of  kind  I viewers.  motive  objectifies  and  human  figures  their  of  poverty  viewer  the  and  Bikash  the  the  simultaneously  life  bigger  the

                  thorned  poverty  which  with  selling  the  meanings  the  like  a  of  There  sense  a  realistic  a  capture  life.  of  discussed  what  the  a  as  only  suffering  of  show  appearance  composition  of  making  generous  that  in  nice  explores  while  dignity,  of  contributing  another  understand

                  that’s  that  where  toys  them  children  were  additional  would  point  vulnerable.  seeking  was  to  realities  and  from  image  It  their  components  matching  The  the  Picturisation  being  felt  I  looked  denial  subjective,  is

                  land  show  series,  other  used  of  These  he  the  in  Bikash  aimed  the  often  I  poverty  elicit  poor’s  reality.  by  paintings  faces  aura.  of  situation  by  belief.  they  Bikash  paradise  the  poor  artists


                                                                                   redemptive  Bikash  depicting  the  draw  was  which  that  is  He indifference.  beyond  subject  and  on collaborate  about  effortless  of evocation

                                                                            ’S     the  about  For poverty.  by poverty  to attempt  life  of aspect  There  class.  and  goes  that  artist  the  to  optimism insistent  expressive,  romantic
                                                                            BHATTACHARJEE  narrative  a  portraying  of problem  an  was works  this  to viewer  political  the  by  intensity  of  yearning  of  form  Between transactions.  more,  see  to impulse  acquired  free,  as subjects  a creates  He

                                                                            BIKASH TESTIMONY  created  Bikash  art  of power  the addressing  his  in  them  the  of attention  avoided  often  combination elusive  a  up  builds  material  an  is  there  seeing  of  act  the  his visualising  fact.  of matter
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