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with  many  about  about  his  hurt  for  down  I which  on.  fact  in  the  at  been  is  artists  important  once  to  paint  myself  are  it’s  me.  work  visual  a  as  realistic  it strange  human  more  an  was  pictures

                  coincided  and  sensitive  negative  might  painting  one  got  never  sentence  talked  and  and  handle  has  work  Indian  an  is  I colleges.  to  what  imagine  appears  society,  of  beyond  far  Bikash’s  the  as  appreciated  of  instinctively  or  the  in  already  anything  than  art making  his  and

                  world     was  anything  it  “make  I  this  laughed  communicator  the  off  of  realism  art  decide  and  then  anguish  go  that  portraits.”  and  be  can  form  have  fanciful  ineffable  is  that  Bikash  witness

                  art  development  he  said  thought  me  myself”  in  fly  Bikash’s  generations  that  Bengal  he  eyes  what  and  Things  surreal  it  fact  contemporary  to  however  the  world  confounding  For
                  Indian  work.  his  once  I  told  for  meaning  we  then  great  would  which  fact  in  does  my  but  pain  my  in  as  in  seems  capture  a  with  and  up.  bearing

                  the       communicative,  because  once  painting  a  and  younger  the  taught  how  close  “I  death  the  loneliness.  draw  described  fantasist,  art,  conjure  of

                  in  economic  bought  never  one  deeper  but  not  pretext.  with  given  said  to  I  personal  Bikash  that  can  intriguing,  way
                  rise      very  I  paintings  Bikash  and  a  have  was  temperamental  extent  by  unusual  art  of  Bikash  he  birth  beings,  and  what  been  a  of  appear  encounter  might  a  lie.  Mr . Vickram Sethi

                  Bikash’s  India’s  corporates  Not  criticism.  his  feelings.  them  finding  to  should  Bikash  slightest  The  followed  not  aspect  asked  which  from  human  anxiety  is  That  has  musings  deeply  painting.  understood  may  spirits  peculiar ,  artist  apparently  never  Director


                  that  His  water ,  he  Arcadian  be  works,  a  was  a  is  a  the  the  of  The  the  their  waits,  morality.  could  world  received.  a  with  and  been  Heroic-  India  to  ties  ready  he  of  back  without  them.

                  work  unrealised.  mud,  and  of  lost  two  Komolika  night  the  creates  He  in outlined  between  humidity  lust.  her  without  and  and  or  it  or  art  charged  individualism  long  the  In  artist.  his  by  were  that extent  the  buy  collectors  comfortable  dependent

                  Bikash’s  yet  elemental,  materials  favour  paradise  me  night.  in  her  skills.  growing  of  passion  judgments,  sits  sin  a  as  this  of  all  Indian  been  has  or  have  of  Indian  defined  who  the  on collector  would  his Strangely  a  was  provided

                  in  as  primary  in  Can  is,  gave  of  painterly  arms  distance  The  ferocity  of  Komolika  thing  assume  the  work  motivated  rugged  aspects  also  collectors  to  collector  in  lifestyle  poor
                  urgency  desire  the  the  flair  a  question  Bikash  Komolika’s  portrayal  his  bare  her  impossible  shadow.  the  to  exercise  their  day  the  such  either  poverty.  within  his  His  originality  classic  the  is identity  had  produced  the  of  the  thought.  lived  their  the  that

                  an  see  towards  are  with  exhibition  and  of  adds  an  In  no  of  way  politically  urgency.  fundamental  of  Bikash  he  name  and  who  that
                    to   heat    anew?     Bikash’s  image,  her  for  strangers,  was  could  individualism  the  second  and  labour
                  is   move   The       day  example  an  only        portrait     social  as  profile  artist's  whatever  the  people
                  There  you  and  them  discovered  first  my  Komolika’s  dream-like  moonlight,  and  night  stage  of  preoccupations.  there  viewer  a  explain  not  was  of tradition-bursting  an  collectors,  write  canvas  a  it  environment  cheap

                  this?  propels  paintings  sunlight  paints  tranquility.  For  prostitute.  perfect  woman  the  perfect  eyes  her  for  The  just  be  Bikash’s  might  He  sense  regarded  Creator  where  his  buy  to  would  blank  a  giving  were  on

                  to  doll  and  and  that  the           of  to  the  lived  them  vital  the           is  the  Do  with
                  was  His  dolls  images  flowers.  convey  ideas  conveyed  of  elegance  subjects.  landscapes  reflects  portrayal  hoping  use  our  the  Bikash’s  expressionless  zombie-like  element  appear.  of  solvable  Indian  because  rich.  pastoral  failures,  art  of  come

                  objective  issue.  discarded  treasured  also  were  selling  to  used  certain  It  advantage  his  that  way  his  he  to  unfair  not  it’s  defining  off  of  a  key  a  is  they  gravity  is  it  that  fundamental  pictures  the  of  rural  the  Though  exploitation  altogether .  that

                  His  significant  rich  children  There  or  flag  he  about.  takes  participatory  with  portraits,  a  in  about  was  was  if  subjects  them  Many  identical  with  figures  which  the  believe  a  these  rooms  a  of  exposing  liberty.

                  trauma.  a  the  poor  national  that  highlight  think  to  that  certain  connection  his  subjects  Bikash  emotion  it  felt  especially  the  stripping  life.  with  anonymity  such  in  downplays  is  this  made  drawing  notions  and  the  to  conversation  responsibilities

                  with  was  of children  the  glee.  great  the  symbols  and  viewers  society  a  is  of  painter ,  the  with  of  kind  I viewers.  motive  objectifies  and  human  figures  their  of  poverty  viewer  the  and  Bikash  the  the  simultaneously  life  bigger  the

                  thorned  poverty  which  with  selling  the  meanings  the  like  a  of  There  sense  a  realistic  a  capture  life.  of  discussed  what  the  a  as  only  suffering  of  show  appearance  composition  of  making  generous  that  in  nice  explores  while  dignity,  of  contributing  another  understand

                  that’s  that  where  toys  them  children  were  additional  would  point  vulnerable.  seeking  was  to  realities  and  from  image  It  their  components  matching  The  the  Picturisation  being  felt  I  looked  denial  subjective,  is

                  land  show  series,  other  used  of  These  he  the  in  Bikash  aimed  the  often  I  poverty  elicit  poor’s  reality.  by  paintings  faces  aura.  of  situation  by  belief.  they  Bikash  paradise  the  poor  artists


                                                                                   redemptive  Bikash  depicting  the  draw  was  which  that  is  He indifference.  beyond  subject  and  on collaborate  about  effortless  of evocation

                                                                            ’S     the  about  For poverty.  by poverty  to attempt  life  of aspect  There  class.  and  goes  that  artist  the  to  optimism insistent  expressive,  romantic
                                                                            BHATTACHARJEE  narrative  a  portraying  of problem  an  was works  this  to viewer  political  the  by  intensity  of  yearning  of  form  Between transactions.  more,  see  to impulse  acquired  free,  as subjects  a creates  He

                                                                            BIKASH TESTIMONY  created  Bikash  art  of power  the addressing  his  in  them  the  of attention  avoided  often  combination elusive  a  up  builds  material  an  is  there  seeing  of  act  the  his visualising  fact.  of matter
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