Page 9 - BIKASH BHATTACHARJEE Retrospective Catalogue
P. 9

                                 was  and  oil  his  in  constant  for  an  complex  his  of  home  for works  families  and  very  lanes  Senate  matter  during  nooks  with  painterly  such  and  artist.  penchant  nurture  Indian  the  for  It  craft.  Bose  draw  the
                                 Bhattacharjee  in  works  Bengal  of  his  with  Revered  established  he  with  loss  the  with  uncle’s  his  in  affluent  homes sprawling  this depict  and rooftops  like Kolkata  a  as  artist,  collection  and streets  Executed  inherent  traits composition  whole picture  an  as persona  his  explore,  the  at painting  point turning  his mastering  Arun  -  and explore  studying  hours

                                 Bikash  masterful  inhabitants  tandem  protagonists.  subjects,  them,  for  childhood  maternal  his  with  the  of  many  their  often  their  of  The  work.  a showcased  the  feel. realistic  his  the  prodigious  discovered  to  able  study  a  quite  students  professors  and  to  spend

                                 India,  his  the  of  in  his  of  adopted  experienced  in  lived  preoccupied  of  out  would  city,  landmarks  his  depicting  professed  technical  make  to  his  artist  the  was mother  to  on  was  classmates  would

                                 from  through  dualities  occurred  discovery  his  difficult  a  then  was Post-independence,  moving  He  crowded  Many  in featured  and  series  a  and  dark  series  impeccable  years,  his  went  This  other  mentors  his  and  They

                                 emerge  and  artist,  the  of  he empathy  had  He  he Bengal  houses.  the  artist.  also  cityscapes,  on  a  this  amalgamated  celebrated  school  of  He  beyond  his  of  Bikash  Kolkata.

                                 to  artists  realism reviving  fears aspirations,  an  as  to regards  emotions  the  the  Bikash Kolkata,  six.  of  age  the  career .  decline,  rapid  smaller  and  an  as  Memorial  with career  worked  He  with  it  from works  and  lines  depth,  works  These  his  from  support  the  further . passion Draughtsmanship.  hours spend  one  met  also  take  often  old  of
                 THE      THE    finest  the  of  One  with credited  the capturing  evolution  His  art.  with engagement  animate  to  ability  his  expressing  by image  processes. technical  in  1940  in  Born  young  the  at  father  experienced  he where  his  of entirety  the  a  saw  state  the  of  much  into crowding  infrastructure crumbling  years  early  his during  Victoria  and  Hall  his  began  fact  of  show.  solo  debut  his  rendering Kolkata,  of  the watercolou

                                                                                                                 Untitled (Still - life composition) Watercolour on paper



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