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awful   to  left  a  was  to  painting
                                                                                                          thoughts when he was here. I remember once I asked him “Raza sahib aap kitne bindu banaye hain?” In an
                                                                                                       He often spoke on his love and bond with India. T o him India was his karmabhumi, he felt charged with new
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                                 Riots in India upset him deeply and he wrote a poem which he reproduced on his canvas

                                                                                                             my         existence  man  he
                                                                                                             at      otherwise  his  of  broken  leaving,
                                                                                                             shocked    etre  d’  a  was  was It was a work that he had made for Janine.

                                                                                                             was     desires  raison  he  I  as
                                                                                                             I       my          Paris  and
                                                                                                             koye”   all  and troubled relationship. During one of his India trips he was informed that she was in the ICU and cancer had taken over her body. I changed his flight and drove him to the airport we parted knowing what was in store.  in  him  3

                                                                                                             na at having asked him this question and all the way back from Paris to London I couldn't speak to myself.  fulfill  support  him  with
                                                                                                             dusra   not         see  day

                                                                                                             gopal   me  “let  biggest  to  went  a  spent

                                                                                                             girdhar  said  his  was  I  away.  I  lost,

                                                                                                             toh     once  Janine  passed
                                                                                                             “more   Raza  wife     completely saying “Janine would have liked you to have this”

                                                     n          h dukh         n                             replied  art  Raza’s  she  later
                                       Kitne aansu  Aapke  Mere  Desh ke  Gir chuke hai  Dharthi main  Kitne suk  Atyachaar  Dherya  se  Kitne samay se  arere hai  Sah  Jaane  Bina jaane  Dev kaha hain  Kyun nahi aate?  he  instant  about  Chatting  explore”.  days  few  A  himself,  console  Vickram Sethi  Director, The Arts Trust

                                                                                             S H Raza’s palette :  ‘Vickram ko snehh se’  religious  a  is  T o  canvas.  the  an  was  It  end.  He  decipher.  to  which  meaning

                                                                                               Inscribed by the artist  which  rangoli  to  onto  bindu  a  of  the  and  forth  humanity  for  a  for  searching

                  S H RAZA                                                                                      art  his compared  thought  abstract  sprang  life  which  puzzles  jigsaw  of  and  soul  your

                  RANGOLI OF                                                                           I don't remember when Mr. Raza and I became friends. It was a Guru-Shishya relationship; we would have long conversations on art and the philosophy of life. T o him his art was his offering to the gods, to humanity and to anyone who would ever get a chance to see his work. I once used the term the rangoli of S.H. Raza,  had  I  that humbled offering to the gods and to every guest that enters the home, this he said was the essence of his work. Raza  the translated  and  from  seed  the beginning,  array  larg

                  THE                                                                                           was  he  said  conceptualised  all  of  left  and  painting  a

                                                                                                                and  who  source  the infinite mantra, the soul of human existence.  skills  viewing  a journey that the viewer had to undertake himself.

                                                                                                                pleased  was     painterly  that

                                                                                                                really  philosopher  bindu  great  explained

                                                                                                                was  a  the      had
                                                                                                                he   was  him    Raza  once
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